How to Select The Best Cleaning Company for Your Business

Maintaining a sanitary, well-cleaned environment is essential to a healthy and successful conduct of business and home management. Majority of companies and large estates existing today prefer to hire professional cleaning services to handle their cleaning tasks, rather than going for the services of a full-time janitor. Families who live in big homes sometimes also employ the services of a professional cleaning company to take care of their homes.

You might be wondering; Why do I need a cleaning company? Well, with a majority of workers spending more than one-third of the year at the workplace, it is necessary for maintaining workplace, business or residential cleanliness.

That said, knowing which cleaning company to select can sometimes be a daunting task. Everyone and every business need a clean and organized area. So you want to be sure you have selected or selecting the best in the cleaning business.

If you are living in the GTA area, there are steps you can take to ensure you are choosing the right company. Below are some steps we have listed for you to select the best cleaning company.

  1. Carryout an Interview of At Least 3 Cleaning Companies

Did you interview the cleaning company you have chosen? Assuming you haven’t selected one yet, just don’t settle for anyone. Before you make up your mind regarding the company you want, interview other cleaning companies and cleaning individuals to get a breakdown of what it takes to hire a cleaning company. The interview will also help you to know what to expect from a cleaning company.

Don’t forget that the cleaning team will be spending much time in your home, office, or restaurant, with unhindered access to and fro your entire premises. Therefore, you would want to ensure you are comfortable with them around—meaning there must be mutual and fiduciary trust between you and the company team. That’s why you must carry out an interview with the said company before making up your mind.

  1. Make Sure They Have Good Online Reviews

Now, this one is very critical. In fact, it should follow up with the interview of the company.  If you can’t verify the authenticity of a cleaning company, why hire it?

A good and experienced cleaning company in Ontario should have close-to-perfect online reviews. Search for the company on Google or whatever search engine you are using and see what people are saying about its services. If the reviews fall below your expectations, don’t bother probing further, just move on to another company. But if the reviews from real-time clients sound good to you, you may decide to pitch a tent with that company and give your home or business premises the glory it deserves.

The online background check on the said company would also allow you to know if the cleaners have certification by the department of health and safety.

    3. Get A Cleaning Quote

When choosing a cleaning company in Ontario, always remember to consider their quotation. Under this step, the cleaner will have to visit the home or business premises to get an estimate of the size. Once the estimate has been provided, you can then ask the company for a list of the services it provides. Any company that does all that is a professional company–one you can rely on to deliver the service needed.

      4. Verify Proof of Insurance

Whether it’s your large residence or commercial premises that needs cleaning, health risk, and bodily injury are always part of the cleaning challenges. For instance, wet floors can result in serious accidents, which can even threaten the lives of workers. Any company offering cleaning services in Ontario must have insurance coverage for its workers against any form of accident in the course of duty.

In that case, since you are the one hiring the cleaning company, ensure that the company, in the course of providing the service, has covered the liability for such accidents. If the cleaning company you have contracted met this requirement, then you have selected the right company. If not, you just have to look elsewhere.

Remember that a decent workstation will bring you more customers and increase your sales!